Podcast #23: Educator Jamie Marantz

Jamie Marantz Photo.jpeg

On last week’s podcast episode, everyone was happy to hear from Barbara Shreve, but several people clamored for more conversation about Code Switch’s podcast series on Ron Brown Preparatory High School and about #121’s article on Ballou High School in Washington DC.

For all of chomping at the bit, educator Jamie Marantz is here to rescue you. Jamie selected both pieces to focus on in this week’s episode of the podcast.

Jamie is an outstanding and experienced educator in the Bay Area who cares deeply about equity and instruction for those students who do not easily “fit the mold.”

On the show, we chat about her experience in school, her journey to become an educator, and her belief that the road toward education reform is as important as its goals.

If you’re an educator, or if you care about education, you’ll enjoy this episode!

Take a listen!

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