Podcast #13: Writer and reporter Lauren Markham

Lauren Markham.jpg

Ever since I read “Our School” (#78) last year in the Orion Magazine, I’ve been a big fan of writer Lauren Markham. (Seriously, if you’re an educator, you have to read that article.)

One year later, I featured Ms. Markham’s latest piece, “The Girl Gangs of El Salvador,” in The Highlighter #110. Shortly afterward, I learned that Ms. Markham has a new book out this month, entitled The Far Away Brothers. That’s a lot of good things all at once, I thought, and decided to see if Ms. Markham would like to be on the podcast.

She did!

On this week’s episode, Ms. Markham and I talk about her article, her book, and her work at Oakland International High School in Oakland. There she works to provide services to newly arrived immigrant youth. Just earlier this week, Ms. Markham was also published in The New York Times. Even better: The Times loves her book. (I recommend it, too!)

Ms. Markham is very quickly becoming a big star, so I’m really grateful she generously gave her time to come on the show to talk with The Highlighter community. (We deserve the best!)

Please take a listen! And feel free to share this post with your friends.

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