New Subscriber Contest: We’re just 3 days in, and already, there are 21 new subscribers!


In last week’s newsletter, I announced the first-annual New Subscriber Contest. The goal is to encourage 100 people to subscribe to The Highlighter over the next month.

With your help, this goal is very attainable!

Already, there is great momentum. A total of 21 new subscribers have joined. They are:

Christina, Kira, Genna, Jenn, Sele, Tark, Neelam, Sarai, Melanie, Mike, Robert, Kirthi, Kate, Sarah, Alysia, Chris, Shyanna, Josh, Laura, Phillip, and Gerald.


One of the best things about the New Subscriber Contest is that you get points for everyone you get to sign up. Remember, though: No pyramid schemes, no bait and switches!

After three days, here is the leaderboard:

Abby P — 4 points
Erin — 2 points
Kiera — 2 points
Kati — 2 points
Joel — 2 points
Jessica — 2 points
Tons of other people — 1 point
Ms. Maria & Katz — 1/2 point

It is still very early, so anyone can win. Think about great people who might enjoy reading The Highlighter, and get out there and build this community! Make sure they mention your name when subscribing!