Anne-otations #1: Plan Accordingly

Hi, I’m Anne: mom, teacher, student, reader, loyal Highlighter subscriber, and podcast junky.  Whether on my bike or in the kitchen, podcasts keep me in the conversation. Won’t you join me?

“What is the quality of life that you would live for, if you couldn’t do everything you wanted?” As I think about my goals for 2018, I can’t get this question Dr. Atul Gawande asked Krista Tippet of the podcast On Being out of my head. Would I give up sweets if I could keep singing in choir? Would I give up walking if I could keep my memories? Good teachers plan backwards, shaping their lessons around the end goals. So as I begin the new year, I want to think about the end and plan accordingly. This interview didn’t just increase my appreciation of palliative care doctors and what they can teach me about dying, but also how much they can teach me about really living.

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On Being
Krista Tippet & Dr. Atul Gawande
October 26, 2017