Podcast #15: Math Teacher Laura Hawkins


If you care about our divided country, but don’t quite know how to have conversations across political difference, you’ll like today’s episode with Laura Hawkins.

My friend and former colleague, Laura is a Math teacher at the Urban School in San Francisco. In this episode, we talk about Andrew Sullivan’s recent article, “Can Our Democracy Survive Tribalism?

In our current political climate, what’s the best course of action? Do we try to listen to people who disagree with us, in an effort toward understanding and reconciliation? Or will that process simply lead to more pain?

There’s plenty of good stuff in here, so take a listen! And if you’d like, feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts!

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Podcast #14: Data and Evaluation Associate Nicholas Woo

Nicholas Woo.jpg

It was wonderful to chat with Nicholas Woo on this week’s episode. Nick is a friend, former colleague, and a data and evaluation associate at Partnership with Children in New York City.

Nick began his career as a teacher at Leadership High School in San Francisco. Though he loved working directly with students, Nick recognized that a more systemic approach is necessary to meet students’ needs and to approach equitable outcomes.

On the show, Nick encourages teachers to think more broadly, working not just on reframing their Do Nows, but also advocating for reforms in housing, employment, and health care.

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Podcast #13: Writer and reporter Lauren Markham

Lauren Markham.jpg

Ever since I read “Our School” (#78) last year in the Orion Magazine, I’ve been a big fan of writer Lauren Markham. (Seriously, if you’re an educator, you have to read that article.)

One year later, I featured Ms. Markham’s latest piece, “The Girl Gangs of El Salvador,” in The Highlighter #110. Shortly afterward, I learned that Ms. Markham has a new book out this month, entitled The Far Away Brothers. That’s a lot of good things all at once, I thought, and decided to see if Ms. Markham would like to be on the podcast.

She did!

On this week’s episode, Ms. Markham and I talk about her article, her book, and her work at Oakland International High School in Oakland. There she works to provide services to newly arrived immigrant youth. Just earlier this week, Ms. Markham was also published in The New York Times. Even better: The Times loves her book. (I recommend it, too!)

Ms. Markham is very quickly becoming a big star, so I’m really grateful she generously gave her time to come on the show to talk with The Highlighter community. (We deserve the best!)

Please take a listen! And feel free to share this post with your friends.

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The Inaugural Highlighter Happy Hour = a big success

Aletheia and Jessica

Aletheia and Jessica

The Inaugural Highlighter Happy Hour was a resounding success! More than 20 loyal subscribers secured tickets and convened at Room 389 in Oakland for the festivities.

We met new people, chatted a little about the articles, and devised next steps to ensure that The Highlighter explodes in popularity and continues to take the country by storm.

Subscribers wanted to talk most about the first two articles in The Highlighter #112. Though formal discussion was not a part of tonight’s proceedings, several people said that they would appreciate moving in that direction. “I came with my highlighter,” loyal subscriber Alex said.

One controversy we debated was whether Thursday is the best evening for the event, given that the newsletter comes out at 9:10 am the same day. Does that give us enough time to peruse and annotate the articles? one loyal subscriber asked. Several suggestions were considered, the most popular being “working from home.” It was unanimous that we should meet up again!

Another big moment came when MJ, The Highlighter’s Most Popular Dog (featured in issues #81 and #108), made his appearance. He spent much of the evening recovering from an incident in which he ate the greater part of his owners’ dinner.

The Highlighter community is strong, and it’s filled with thoughtful people who like to read, talk about important issues, and do good things in the world. I’m looking forward to having another meet-up soon — maybe next month?

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Everything is lined up nice and tidy at The Highlighter

Ardent fans of The Highlighter have been clamoring for alignment.

They ask, desperately, Why do I have to go one place for the newsletter and then another place for the podcast? It’s too confusing! Can’t things be simple?

Yes, things can be simple. And now, yes, they are!

Starting now, everything is calm and peaceful and smooth. Please enjoy!

Now that everything is in alignment, you know what you need to do, right? You feel compelled to follow all Highlighter-related accounts and tell all your friends and family to do the same.

Thank you!

Podcast #12: Professor Tony Johnston

Tony Johnston.jpg

It was a joy to have Professor of Education Anthony Johnston on the show today. Tony is a close friend of mine, and we taught together (a few years back) in San Francisco. Now he’s a professor at the University of Saint Joseph in Connecticut.

In our spirited conversation, Tony wanted to talk about all the articles (he’s very prepared) in The HIghlighter #111, but we limited it to three. We began chatting about fireflies, then moved to the piece on Black masculinity by Wilbert L. Cooper, and ended our discussion on the subject of Advanced placement classes. Please take a listen!

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